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Last night  Melody Lee and Patricia Hoy brought people to their feet with a no-holds-barred performance to a packed house. They dove into the Brahms Sonatensatz for a performance that was lavish and truly exciting (keep your eyes open for the new release Patricia Hoy/Alexander Solieman to be released this August, they play a cello transcription of the Sontensatz). The following Beethoven opus 12 # 1 sonata was pure elegance and performed entirely by memory with grace, fire, and exemplary chamber music between the two players; the weaving in and out of the texture, trading off phrases, and nuancing together was wonderful and felt natural and spontaneous.

Melody showcased her musicality opening the second half with flawless and perfecxtly paced movements from the Bach Partitiin D minor, and ended the recital with a spectacular, and breathtaking Scherzo Tarantelle.

Melody's combination of speed, precision, beauty, and bold virtuosity brought the crowd to their feet for a warm and vocal standing ovation!

Not only did Melody perform with superb intensity, she was stunnngly attired, and was a completely compelling presence on stage.



This is what people said:

Carolyn McCallam "We experienced a piece of the divine tonight."

Deon Kopke "Wonderful eveniing, Beethoven's music is so grand and essential. Lets do it every quarter!"

Robert Byler "Superb concert. Thank you so much!!"

Mary McBride "Fabulous-high quality, magnificent-more concerts would be great!

Virginia Cambell "Absolutely fantastic!"

Don Simpson "Delightful and very impressive"

Marlene McDonald "I am enoying it VERY much..."

Carlie Popovich "Wonderful!"