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In the presence of legends: Ian McDougal and Al Kay

I had my first experience at ther Jazz Cellar Sunday January 24th and it was awesome. McDougal and Kay were smooth as silk and played as effortlessly as the swaying hips of the girl from Ipanema. Their sound was fluid and easy while ringing true with bell-like clarity, the upper registers were like the smoothest trumpets you ever heard and the lower registers were sonorous and warm. I was mesmerised by the astonishing technique of these artists as they wove up and down and inside each others musical lines, trading melodies, and creating harmonies with impeccable balance and timing.

I was especially intrigued at the use of vibrato which was used sparingly but with magnificent effect to enhance the melodic line and enrich the harmonic texture. As a musician I was impressed by the prowess, skills and techniques employed by McDougal and Kay, but equally as a musician I was enraptured, letting their music wash over me and through me, whre it resonated within. I can't talk about the music without mentioning the incrediable musicians in the band. Jodi Proznick on bass totally blew me away with her strong lines, inventive solos and completely captivating stage presence, wow! Ross Taggart filled out hte piano lines beautifully with Craig Scott completing this absolutely awesome mix.

The Jazz Cellas as a venue is phenomenal, a world-class gem in the heart of Kitsilano. It is a comfortable, cozy atmosphere with a great acoustic and a fantastic feel, where you can hear world-class musicians at an affordable price. I know I will be back often.