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What a fantasric way to kick off the new decade, i am so fortunate to be performing in, producing, and attending three wonderful concerts in this first week of the new year. I am happy to be joining all of my favorite colleagues from the Vancouver Opera in a Salute to Vienna. I am always inspired and moved by the excellence surrounding me. Under the direction of Hans Richter, the orchestra will sparkle, and dazzle like a multi-faceted gemstone, dashing off warp speed polkas, fiery csardas, and the oh-so-romantic Lehar. Ari Barnes takes our breath away with his beautiful and sonorous cello solos, while the singers and dancers  sweep us off our feet.

Loking further into this first week of 2010 will be the violin recital, Melody Lee and Patricia Hoy join for a performance that will mesmerise,and astonish (see events page for details) And on January 8th the new National Broadcast Orchestra will perform its Vancouver debut concert at the Chan Center. Soloist Anton Kuerti will perform a newly found manuscript of Beethoven being affectionately called the Concerto #0! Alain Trudell conducting, I can't wait to hear the new NBO!!

Wishing everyone a happy, healthy, and prosperous new year!!