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“Toni has been a great influence and inspiration for me not only early in my training years but even now as I am bridging into the professional world.”
Jaewon Bang, BMUS, Colburn, MMUS, Yale
"It is my honour and privlege to know and work with many fine students, to watch them grow, spread their wings, then take flight and soar,not only in music, but in life.....this is the most wonderful gift."



Mahsa Laghaei                  2017    1st Violin  VYSO Intermediate

2017       Appointed Director of the University Hill Chamber Orchestra

2017       Concertmaster University Hill Chamber Orchestra

2017     CM University Hill Orchestra

2016       Festival on the Lake gold winner

                                         2016       VYSO Intermediate Orchestra

                                          2016       University Hill Chamber Orchestra

                                          2016       Concert-Master   University Hill Orchestra

                                           2015       Concert-master VYSO Junior Orchestra

                                           2014       VYSO Junior Orchestra


Johanna Kim                      2017       BCCM Festival Top Junior String Highest marks 96%, 96%,95%

                                                                Trophy Most Outstanding Junior Violinist and Scholarship

2017      Kiwanis Music Festival  grade 4 I gold 1 silver                       

                                         2015       Festival on the Lake Gold medal

2015       Richmond Festival   1st and 2nd place


Daniel Duan                        2017       BCCM Festival 2 gold medals  marks 95% and 93%

2016       Festival on the Lake  2 gold and 1 silver medals

2015       Festival on the Lake 3 gold medals


Justin Wu                          2017       Festival on the Lake 1st Place gold medal

                                          2016       Festival on the Lake 2 silver medals

 2015       Festival on the Lake 1 gold 1 silver medal


Madeline Chen                   2017    VYSO Junior Orchestra

 2017    Festival on the Lake 4 gold medals

 2016    Festival on the Lake   silver and gold medals


Cadence Su                        2016       Fraser Valley Kiwanis silver and gold medals

                                          2016       BCCM Festival Highest marks

                                          2016       BCCM Festival Trophy Most Outstanding Junior

                                          2016       Scholarship for Most Outstanding Junior

                                          2016       Festival on the Lake gold medals


Randy Lee                          2016       Festival on the Lake Gold medals

                                          2016       Gala Showcase Soloist Kabalevsky Concerto

                                          2016       Trophy Most Musical Violinist


Quinton Meng                    2015       Festival on the Lake 2 gold medals

                                          2016       Festival on the Lake 3 silver medals


Nicole Lu                            2016       Festival on the Lake 3 silver medals

                                           2016       VYSO Junior Orchestra


Chelsea Yang                       2015       Festival on the Lake Gold medals

                                            2015       Gala Showcase Soloist

                                            2015       Trophy Most Outstanding Intermediate Violin

                                            2015       VYSO Junior Orchestra

                                            2016       VYSO  Junior Orchestra

Isaac Ho                              2014       Festival on the Lake 3 gold medals Trophy Most Outstanding Junior


Jefferson Zhou                 2014       Festival on the Lak 3 gold medals

                                     2014       Gala Showcase Soloist

                                     2014       Trophy most Outstanding Intermediate



Kayden Bolduc                 2014       Festival on the Lake Silver medals

Iliad Mirabbasi                 2014       Festival on the lake silver medals




Soo Young Kim        2010     Assistant Principal 2nd violin Seoul Philharmonic

                                2009     Manhatttan School of Music orchestral training program

                                2009     Masters of Music Degree  Juilliard      scholarship

                                2009     Verbier Festival, Switzerland

                                2009     Solo Recital Vancouver Women's Musical Society

                                2008     Vancouver Women's  Musical Society  Scholarship

                                2008     Concertmaster Pacific Music Festival Japan

                                2007     Bachelor of Music  Degree  Juilliard     scholarship

                                2007     Concertmaster Pacific Music Festival Japan               

                                2006     Concertmaster Conducting Academy Orchestra    Aspen

                                2006     Assistant concertmaster repertoire orchestra    Aspen

                                2002     to 2006   1st Place Kiwanis, Senior Secondary, Burnaby Clef  CMC,   

                                            National Federation of Music Fesitvals


“Toni is an exceptional violinist and teacher and it has been a privilege to study with her. Much of my musical growth is credited to her inspiring and professional teaching. She was not only my teacher but also mentor and friend.”   



Melody Lee                2009     Bachelor of Music  Colburn School of Music full scholarship

                                            entering 3rd year

                                2009     Aspen   International Summer Festival

                                2006     Soloist Vancouver Symphony Orchestra

                                2006     Soloist Vancouver Youth Orchestra  

                                2006     1st place Kiwanis  

                                2006     1st Place Burnaby Clef  

                                2006     Kay Meek runner-up

                                2000     to 2004      Gifted Youth Scholarship Vancouver Academy of Music

                                                             1st Place Performers Guild, Coquitlam Festivals.


“The eight years of my musical development spent with Toni Stanick represents to me not only growth in music but in my character as well. It was a crucial turning point in my life and Toni helped me every step of the way. Lessons, masterclasses, recitals and competitions were all part of building my personality outside of the practice room. It was tough at the time, but it did nothing less than prepare me for the even tougher music world out there. I will always remember the hours spent with Toni and the musical and technical aspects of violin she shared with me.



Jaewon Bang            2011     Masters of Baroque Music Juilliard

                              2010      Fellow Yale School of Music

                              2009      Master of Music  Yale     currently full scholarship

                              2008      Bachelor of Music  Degree Colburn School of Music full scholarships

                              2008      Soloist Mozart Festival Orchestra

                              2008      Sarasota,  Kneisel Hall

                              2009      Kneisel Hall

                              2006      Chamber music with Maestro Foundation L.A.

                              2000      CMC 1st place, Handel Society Orchestra



“Toni was very helpful and gave me a lot of personal attention.  She has been a great influence and inspiration for me not only early in my training years but even now as I am bridging into the professional world.”



Julie Kennedy             2008   Bachelor of Music  UVIC  graduated with distinction

                                           awarded the David strong full tuition scholarship

                                 2004   to 2008  Canadian Millenium Provincial Scholarship

                                 2007   Stephen Sitarski Leadership Scholarship   NYO

                                 2007   National Youth Orchestra  Concertmaster  

                                 2007   Herbert and Eva Schaefer String scholarship

                                 2006   Betty and Gilbert Kennedy Scholarship in Music

                                 2006   Margaaret Goater Scholarship in Strings

                                 2005   Adaskin Endowment for Strings


“I enjoyed private lessons with Toni Stanick for a year prior to auditioning for universities. Because  I had to travel from a great distance (Powell River to Vancouver) to lessons with Ms Stanick  I was only able to study bimonthly, even with the limited time, Toni was incrediably thourough in her teaching. She gave me the support and encouragement I needed to accopmlish effective practice on my own. Toni was able to give me everyting I needed in order to achieve my goals. I was accepted at all of the schools I auditioned for, and I credit Toni for choosing appropriate repertoire. She is an incrediably great teacher.”



Linda Choi                  2009      Master of Music Julliard 

                                2007      Bachelor of Music Juilliard  scholarship

                                2007      Soloist Jefferson Symphony  Orchestra

                                2007      New York String Seminar Carnegie Hall

                                2006      Provincial winner chamber music

                                2003      Soloist Seattle Young Artist,

                                2003      Soloist  Vancouver Academy Symphony


"Toni is an outstanding teacher, she constantly motivates you and inspires you to work very hard. Her work as a teacher and a mentor has helped me alot in my development and maturity as a musician."



Edmund Chung           2011    Soloist and Concert-master VIOLINPOWER!

                                2011    Accepted Colburn School of Music

                                2010     Soloist and Concertmaster VIOLINPOWER!

                                2009    Soloist Lord Byng Symphony Orchestra

                                2008    CMC 1st Place

                                2008    Solo Recital Vancouver Women's Musical Society

                                2008    Soloist Lord Byng Symphony   

                                2008    Soloist Lord Byng Senior String Orchestra

                                2007    Burnaby Clef Highest  Mark

                                2007    Soloist Vancouver Symphony Maestro Tovey

                                2007    Soloist Vancouver Symphony  Maestro Hsieh

                                2007    1st Place Kiwanis Festival

                                2007    1st Place Performing Arts BC Provincial Festival Senior


Adora Wong              2010    BMus Schulich School of Muisc U of McGill scholarship

                                 2010    solo it and section violin VIOLINPOWER!

                                 2009  1st Place Richmond Senior Concerto     

                                 2009  1st Place VAM Chambermusic Competition

                                 2009  1st Place Friends of Chamber Music Competition

                                 2009  1st Place Burnaby Clef Gala concert



"I have studied violin for 13 years and passed by 6 different teachers, and Toni Stanick has been by far the most experienced, practical, and musical. I started lessons with Ms. Stanick last September, and it`s incredible how far I`ve come in 10 months - I`ve learned how to play music, and not just mere notes. She has a vast knowledge of repertoire, and knows each piece to the tiniest detail. She is an amazingly dedicated teacher, and encourages her students to participate in musical festivals and camps in both Canada and around the world. As well as being an experienced musician, Ms. Stanick is also a great mentor and role model, and participates actively in helping the community."


Angelica Chen          2011 1st place CDMF and gold medal winner

                                2011 featured soloist CDMF Gala Concert and trophy winner

                                2011 featured recitalist Shadbolt Centre for Burnaby Clef Society

                                2011 featured recitalist and section violin VIOLINPOWER!

                                2008   Honours student Taiwan Academy for Gifted Youth


Yujin Jung              2011    Accepted USC  scholarship

                               2010    Soloist and section Violin VIOLINPOWER!

                               2009   1st place Kiwanis

                               2008   1st Place Kiwanis,     T.O.L.M.A. Scholarship                                            

                                          1st  Place, Burnaby Clef and Richmond

                                2007   1st Place Kiwanis,     T.O.L.M.A. Scholarships

                                                                        James E.O. Court Scholarship

                                2007   1st Place   Burnaby Clef

                                2007   Kiwanis Gala Showcase Concert

                                2007   Cavalcade of Stars

                                2007   Performing Arts BC Provincial Festival  junior runner-up

                                2006   1st Place Richmond Festival


I met Toni Stanick in 2006, from Toni, I learned a lot about the violin, and I began playing a great  variety of music. She encouraged me to enter competitions such as the Kiwanis Festival, Richmond Festival and Burnaby Clef, in which received numerous  1st Place certificates and prizes.She also provided a number of opportunities to perform in concert. I  played in masterclasses before any concert or competition. I really enjoyed the masterclasses I had with her and the other students, I discovered many things as I watched the other students playing. Not only did she teach me, but when looking back at the time I spent with her, I remember her support, enthusiasm, and consideration.

Sarah Ho                  2011    Soloist piano Richmond Music School orchestra

                               2010   BMus Violin performance  UBC

                               2010   Soloist piano Richmond Music School Orchestra

Thank you for taking me in as a student and challenging me to become a better musician. You are a very dedicated teacher and have taught me so much; I have improved greatly in such a short time, and thank you for the use of your amazing violin, it has opened my ears with it's gorgeous sound. You have truly inspired me not only as a musician but also as a person-to be kind, caring and your work to help the community.


Amy Lee  age 8        2008   1st Place Kiwanis, Burnaby Clef, Richmond

                                 2009   1st Place Burnaby Clef

                                2009   Gala concert  Burnaby Clef

                                2009   1st Place Festival on the Lake 

                                2009   Gala concert  Festival on the Lake



Andy Lee   age 12    2009   !st Place Burnaby Clef

                                2009    1st Place Festival on the Lake




“Toni worked very hard with my children, and they love coming for lessons. Amy started the violin only 2 years ago and is now playing Royal Conservatory grade 6 level. She has won many trophies and performed at Galas for the Burnaby Clef and Festival on the Lake.  Both my children have received many 1st place honours and medals and my son has begun learning to compose his own music. Toni recognizes talent in every student and encourages them to reach a high standard. She has many recitals where students get to know each other and develop good performance skills. Toni brings people together with her passion for music, thank you Toni!”

                                                                             Jung Ran Lee mother of Amy and Andy




Genevieve Chen       2009    Swire Properties Limited,    assistant project manager, Hong Kong

                                 2008    Foster+Partners, Hong Kong, project captain

                                 2005    NBBJ  New York,  Associate

                                 2002    Master of  Architecture McGill,

                                 2000    Bachelor of Science , McGill full scholarship



“When I  1st started studying with her, she impressed me with her talent and accomplished playing but she also revealed the seriousness she takes towards each student's lesson, where she instilled a rigor used to encourage one to do better. Within a short period of time, she turned me into a concertmistress with my school orchestra. Toni Inspires with her playing and her teaching but she cultivates confidence and character through her personality. I thank Toni for all her guidance, until this day, she is still my mentor and friend, someone who came to witness my wedding, someone who took part in shaping me to become the person I am today.”



Yoona Kang              2010 Runner-up Indiana University Concerto Competition

                                 2009 Tanglewood Institute full scholarship

                                 2009 1st place Indianapolis Musicale scholarship competition

                                 2008 Soloist with ther Starling Orchestra at Carnegie Hall

                                 2007 Bachelor of Music Indiana University

                                 2008 Aspen Summer festival

                                 2002  Soloist Burnaby Symphony Orchestra

                                 2002  1st place Coquitlam Festival

                                 2002  Gifted Youth Scholarship Vancouver Academy

"I heard a student of yours playing Paganini, he sounds awesome! I'm sure it's because you taught him well, like myself, who improved tremendously after studying with you. I know that Soo Young, JaeWon and others are doing really well, too, that's so nice! It's all because you did an awesome job on us when we were younger! It is so nice to see you still teaching, helping young violinists to are just amazing!"



Krystel Yip                 2009    scholarships to McGill, UBC, UVIC

                                   2008     ARCT with Honours   Royal Conservatory of Music

                                   2008    !st Place Kiwanis, Richmond, Burnaby Clef Festivals